Core Yoga

img_20160826_195047586Core Yoga is a blend of Pilates and Yoga – East meets West!

Most Pilates poses originate from Yoga. After teaching Pilates for eight years and gaining a deeper knowledge of how the core enhances a workout, it seemed natural to start training to teach Yoga.

Take the Plank as an example, this pose is used in many fitness classes but originates from the hatha yoga ‘Sun Salutation’. If this pose isn’t taught correctly the lower back will clasp and take the strain. In order to hold the pose correctly you must know how to hold the core muscles or the muscles that form the abdominal girdle. Positioning of your upper back and shoulder muscles can also be at risk if you misalign especially if you then try to lower yourself to the floor. All these small yet vital details are essential to a safe and effective workout.

Integration of Yoga and Pilates will enable your body to explore the Asanas (poses) of yoga and improve them as you build up your abdominal muscles. At the same time poses you may have already mastered in Pilates can be revisited and improved on as you become more flexible. A combination of both practices will develop a strong, lean, graceful and efficient system.

The principles of both Yoga and Pilates are to balance the body and mind, to gain strength, stamina and flexibility, enhancing our posture by stabilizing the muscles and re-educating the deeper muscular structure.

Classes are Monday morning – ‘Wake up to the week’ class 7.45am to 9.00am at Lelant Village Hall.

Friday classWelcome to the weekend’ now including inversions, 7.45am to 9.00am at Lelant Village Hall.

Two new classes in Studio Carnhell Green –

Monday 6pm-7pm

Wednesday 12-1pm

Thursday 5pm, boys and backs class.

Sunday at 10am at my new studio in Carnhell Green. Only 8 places available. (this class is full at present)

Classes will be aimed at level 1-2 but all are welcome, particularly if you want to relearn basic techniques and introduce your own early morning practice.

Please contact me at or through Facebook if you are interested in a place, I will be teaching small groups to start with.