Eating Disorder Consultant

Eating disorders, such as compulsive or binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, and dieting failure affect millions of people in every walk of life.

Sadly, people attempt to control these problems by dieting, fasting, over exercising, using slimming pills, diuretics, laxatives and purging.  These strategies can produce short term weight control but they usually make things even worse, because the underlying problems have not been addressed.  The result is often rebound weight gain, cravings and feelings of failure.

There are literally thousands of people trapped in cycles of bingeing and starving, harbouring persistent weight problems and obsessed with food and weight.  These problems can have far reaching and damaging effects on both your physical and emotional well-being.

You can control your relationship with food – without willpower or drugs.

  • Control overeating
  • Lose weight gained as a result of compulsive eating – slowly and without dieting or deprivation.
  • Freedom from the ‘on / off a diet’ way of life.
  • Lasting skills for dealing with cravings.
  • Relief from addictions to food, e.g. chocolate.
  • Practical solutions for eating triggers, e.g. feelings, situations and special occasions.
  • Increased energy and well being.


How long does it take?

No matter how serious your problem is, you can expect to get your eating under control with the first six to twelve weeks.  However I recommend that you stay with me for as long as it takes to ensure that you will never slip back into old habits.  Your treatment programme, can be flexible.

Consultation Fees

Initial Assessment – £35.  This session will last about an hour.  This assessment will anaylise the extent of your problem and your treatment will be tailored from this.

Further treatment is usually underataken by committing to 6 sessions at £25 per session.  If you do this one session is free so total cost is £125 for 6 weeks.