I have lived in Cornwall for 10 years, based in the Hayle area. I moved from the Lake District where I originally trained as a Homeopath with the Lakes College of Homeopathy.  I trained for five years and have been practising for 18 years.  I am a registered Homeopath with the ARH.

I came to Homeopathy through my daughter who was born with eating problems and in general unresponsive to orthodox treatment.  Homeopathy was a miracle cure for her and it left me with no doubt that it works and therefore I felt I had to train and expand my knowledge.

My background was actually in Fitness, from the age of 21 I set up many fitness classes, teaching Aerobics, Body Conditioning, Circuits, Aqua and Step.  I moved from phase to phase and have kept myself sane and fit over the years through working out.  During that period I saw many people with obvious eating disorders and in my late 20’s experienced one for myself..

A few years after qualifying as a Homeopath I decided I also wanted to help people with Eating Disorders, so I trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders.  I treat any disorder, not just the major ones. You may be a perpetual dieter, constantly losing and putting on weight but unable to stablise, or just want to learn to eat more healthily.

I added NLP and Life Coaching to my skills in 2006 and I use these techniques within my work.  Much of Homeopathy is looking at life style and stress levels, many changes take place when you work with a Homeopath on a physical, mental and emotional level, so these added skills have been very useful.

In the last few years I have trained in Pilates and swapped my trainers for bare feet.  I had a hysterectomy and decided it was time to look at my core muscles in more depth.   So when i’m not in consultation mode, you will find me zipping up and hollowing!  Or just walking the dog!

It’s been a long journey but I finally feel that my life is in balance.