What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that treats mental, physical and emotional problems. It is one of the two most widely used forms of medicine in the world today. In India you will find Homeopathy everywhere. Homeopathy treats everyone as an individual, and is a medicine that is safe and effective.
Homeopathic medicines are chosen to treat the whole person, because homeopaths believe the mind and body operate as one, and you cannot treat one part of the body without affecting the whole. Medicines are chosen to fit all the characteristics of the patient, so physical disorders are considered in relation to the individual’s mental and emotional state.

How homeopathy works

Homeopathy works on a principle known as ‘the law of similars’ or ‘like cures like’. This law states that a substance that can cause a disease can also relieve it. For example, coffee – or Coffea as it is known in Latin – is a stimulant that can cause temporary insomnia. Coffea may be used in minute potentised (i.e. homeopathic) doses to relieve that insomnia. Another example is that chopping onions can cause your nose and eyes to run with copious amounts of water. The onion – Allium cepa – can be used homeopathically to treat colds and hayfever where the main symptoms include runny eyes and nose.

What to expect from a consultation

Your first consultation may take between 1 and 2 hours, with follow-up consultations lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. I will need to build up a completepicture of your condition, including your past medical history.

To be sure to prescribe the best medicine for your particular problem, I need to understand your individual needs. I will ask you about many aspects of your life, such as your emotional state, your sleep patterns and how you cope with stress. I will choose a medicine for you that most closely matches your unique pattern of symptoms.

Patients often feel a sense of wellbeing, optimism and relaxation after taking their homeopathic medicine. The speed with which you feel relief will depend on the condition being treated. In acute ailments, this can be very fast indeed. In more chronic conditions, your recovery rate will depend on the nature and duration of the illness and on your individual vitality.

Homeopathic medicines are usually supplied in tablet form. As with all medicines, they need to be stored safely and appropriately. All medicines are included in the price of your consultation. Any acute illnesses that occur between treatments can be prescribed for by phone and again this is included in the price of your current consultation.

Consultation Fees

First Consultation – £45 (adult)  £35 (child)
Follow Up Consultations –  £35 (adult) £25 (child)

Unfortunately after working for the NHS for 12 years the funding for this service has been cut.

New clinic at The Centre – Newlyn.  Every 2nd Thursday of the month.  Reduced rates for ex NHS patients.