I have been a practising Homeopath for 28 years now. My journey began in the Lakes when homeopathy was the only thing that helped my daughter.  I moved 19 years ago to Cornwall. I don’t think in our current Covid situation there has ever been a better time to really look at your individual health, immunity and vitality.

Homeopathy treats you firstly as an individual and then looks at whatever you present with as a mental, physical or emotional problem.  It is holistic, meaning I will look at every aspect of the your life, building a picture that will help me unravel how you came to where you are now and therefore how to treat you.

Your medication comes in the form of a remedy that is tailored to suit you, and will hopefully start to gently nudge your system to heal itself.  Whatever the problem is I will work alongside orthodox treatment if necessary and treat you acutely and chronically until the situation is better.


If you would like to know more about homeopathy or book an appointment please contact me.

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