Yoga with Kim

I love yoga, for me it is such a challenge, having waited until my 50’s to start it!

Of course I have brought elements of Pilates into it, the core or mula bandha’s (yogic speak) will always be important to me.  I have just completed a further 300 hour yoga training which means I am now a 500 hour teacher.  I now have experience with amazing teachers from Anusara, Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar based trainings, so feel I have a deeper understanding that I can tailor to everybody’s requirements.

Zoom has enabled me to reach further than my studio in Carnhell Green and although I don’t find it ideal to teach this way it is fine tuning my verbal correction techniques.  If you wish to join me on-line for Yoga or Pilates, I do insist on a 1-1 Zoom first so I can get to visualise what you may need within a class.

Lelant Village Hall

Monday – 8-9am

Carnhell Green Studio - Zoom and a few in-house places

Monday – 6-7pm

Wednesday –  8-9am

Friday – 8-9am

Sunday – 10-11am

To book any classes please contact me regarding availability 


9 station Road

Carnhell Green

TR14 0LY



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