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Hello, my name is Kim and I am an experienced Homeopath and teacher of Yoga and Pilates.  

I run small intimate Yoga and Pilates classes and 1-1 sessions in my studio which you can also Zoom into and live classes in Lelant on a Monday.  

I feel blessed to be a Homeopath and to practice yoga/pilates, the combination nourishes my body, mind and soul.  The gentleness of Homoeopathy feeds into my less is more approach to life and hence my desire to teach in smaller groups when I can.  

In a small intimate group you can flourish and grow.  I find my students often attend a few classes a week, some in person and a few on-line, because they have the confidence to practice either way. 

When I  offer the on-line class option, I like to have a 1-1 session with you first. This helps me to know the best way to work with you as an individual.  I will also do on-line Homeopathic consultations but I do like to see my patients in person at least once a year.

I am now starting to run small intimate yoga retreats, for those that really want to immerse themselves in their yoga practice and experience some nature and nurture.

Based in Cornwall, my Homeopathic clinics are run from home (Carnhell Green), Newlyn and I can work digitally.

lady in child's pose on a yoga mat in a studio with white-washed wooden floor
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